Let's talk about MEN.

In the fashion world we tend to think about women and their role in creating and setting trends. They are the majority who shop for clothing on a more regular basis so why wouldn't we focus on their side of fashion more?  However, we sometimes ignore the fact that dudes like to look good too. Today I’m reviewing men's style trends that we are seeing more frequently. This is my take on styles based off what I see every day at our shop, the blogs we read, and when we travel to fashion forward cities like Seattle, LA, and New York. It was nice going to LA last year and see every single dude dressed stylishly; I felt like I needed to step my game up real quick.


For spring/summer this year I'm thinking guys are leaning towards a more minimalist look. Whether you’re going for the classic gentleman/preppy look or the edgy/grungy feel, we're going to start sticking to basic tones and colors.  Last summer we were all about the statement piece, whether the bright floral tank top or the crazy patterned button-up. We wanted to be noticed.  This summer it's like we grew up a little and aren't trying to make as big as a statement (even though we are). Click through the photo to link to our Pinterest for some of our inspiration! 



Denim on Denim on Denim

This is one trend that I'm super stoked on. Denim is back, in all shapes and forms. If you don't already own a vintage denim jacket, you probably will in the next few months. I also love really distressed vintage Levi's; for some reason there's something about really beat up, worn in denim that can actually create an amazing look.  Distressed denim is worn best on a Sunday for brunch- you throw on a white tee and slouchy cardigan, maybe a baseball cap, and you're good to go for that Bloody Mary you've been waiting for all week. Denim button-ups or pearl-snap shirts are really popular right now, too. They’re great in unpredictable weather because sometimes it's nice enough to where you don't need a jacket but not warm enough to just wear a t-shirt. A lot of guys wear denim shirts as work shirts, because they have the front pockets and can withstand some wear and tear, so there’s a win there for utility and frankly, the more distressing the better. Personally, I want to see denim coveralls happen: I think it's time. 

Men's Footwear

When women buy new shoes, it can be a big deal. A lot of times it’s with friends and it's a social event: having moral support is important- I get it. It's like you have your very own cheerleading squad applauding each pair you try on! Sounds horrible to me. I'm not like that: I typically know what I want. Try them on once. Make the purchase. Silently high-five myself and continue on my day. Like a gangster. Last summer we saw Tevas trying to make a come back, but I think Birkenstock got pissed and were like, "No.". I didn't own my first pair of Birkenstocks until this past year.  Not gonna lie, I didn't think I was going to be a "Birk" guy. I'm a "Birk" guy now. And apparently a lot of dudes are these days. I'm glad men are stepping out of the box a bit and rocking the Birks. To some men they can seem a little “fem” but as long as you’re confident you’ll pull them off like a champ. Think like Kanye:

"Yeah, at the Grammys I went ultra Travolta
Yeah that tuxedo might have been a little guido
But with my ego
I can stand there in a speedo
And be looked at like a fucking hero"

Get'em Yeezy. Moving on. Another shoe that will never go away is the good old classic Converse Chuck. What I love about Chucks is it doesn't matter what your style is, there is a pair of Chucks with your name on it.  Whether you’re punk-rock, J.Crew preppy, or the guy who looks like he's an athlete but really just buys trendy gym and street wear, it doesn't matter: Converse has a style for you. Of course there are Nike and their treasure trove of never ending styles. What I love seeing now is more dudes wearing their trendy Nikes with pretty much everything. Guys are walking around in their classic button-up shirt, nice cuffed denim, and then BOOM..Nike all day! There are also the classic boots, both casual and trendy. Clarks have always been killing it and their desert boot wears so well. My Clarks look like they’re some vintage boot that were made back in the early 1900s by some old grandpa. I'm seeing The Chelsea boot everywhere.  Maybe I'm late to the game but it's like every dude who wears skinny jeans, long tee, and a necklace can't walk out of their house without The Chelsea boot. It looks good. Not necessarily my style, but I also didn't think I was a "Birk" guy…

If I Lived In Tokyo

My sister-in-law inspired me today as she’s in Japan for a vacation and bought a neon pink wig and rocked it out in the city. It's not her everyday look, but hell- she's in Tokyo. She can do whatever she wants and dress however she wants. Of course we can all dress however we want but you have to admit, when you're in a different environment where you are a stranger to everyone, you can get away with a lot. To wrap up this post, here are a few looks that maybe if I travel to a different place, I'll try to pull off and see what happens.  

So gentlemen, whatever you decide to wear, wear it well.  




Edited by Anna Mischke